Interview With Washington State Senator Mona Das

Hello and welcome to another edition of a Desi woman podcast. I am your host Soniya Gokhale. And today I’m excited to be joined by Washington State Senator Mona Mona graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned her MBA in sustainable business from Pinchuk University. She then attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.

A Bipartisan Interview / Indian American women shaping US politics

Soniya Gokhale, the founder of A Desi Woman Podcast

My guests this evening are a tremendous example of the influence and impact that Indian American women are having on the U.S. political scene while they are all immigrants from India. There are also currently elected officials, past candidates and even current candidates who have taken time out of their grueling campaign schedules to participate in this groundbreaking dialog that is inclusive of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.


Soniya Gokhale, the founder of A Desi Woman Podcast

Welcome to A Desi Woman Podcast. This is Season One – Episode One.